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Inspiring Recipe Ideas for Takeout Menus

Need some creative ideas to get your meals into more people’s homes? Watch these videos featuring family-style, single-serve, and take-and-bake recipes for inspiration on your own menu.

White Cheddar Mac & Cheese with Poblano Chicken

In this family-style format, we’re highlighting Stouffer’s White Cheddar Mac and Cheese. To this, we added a shredded chicken, Poblano peppers and a scallion mixture for a low-heat, full-flavor topping. Pair with classic combinations like cornbread and collards.

Recipe Take Out ideas

Masala Roasted Cauliflower

Lentils and rice are paired with a chiffonade of cilantro in a single-serve format. We then topped the mixture with Minor’s Masala Curry roasted cauliflower florets. The aroma of the roasted warm spices from the flavor concentrate truly elevates the deliciousness of this dish.


Tamale Pie

In this take-and-bake format, we’re highlighting the Chef-mate Chorizo Skillet in a take-and-bake Tamale Pie. The additions of mashed masa, shredded cheese, and sliced scallions give a modern twist to this UK-classic Sheppard’s pie.

take-and-bake tamale pice


EDWINS Making the Pivot to Takeout

Demanding times require swift innovation. The kind EDWINS, a training and fine-dining operation, did. They went to 100% takeout and delivery in about one day. Read how.

Make Onsite Takeout More Convenient with Grab-and-Go

Tasty food, instantly available—that’s the essence of Grab-and-Go. Expand your onsite takeout program for instant results. We have 12 things you must know, here.

Make Takeout Part of Your Success

Get up to date with takeout dining. Discover our takeout service best practice suggestions and profit from growing demand.

Grab-and-Go Beverages Satisfy Snackers

Beverages are popular snack items—especially at midmorning and midafternoon. Try adding specialty coffees, juices, iced coffees, and chai to your grab-and-go snack program for extra sales.

Takeout: Maximizing Beverage Sales

Customers don’t always order a beverage with a takeout meal, but a suggestion from you can remedy that. Use these ideas to put some extra sparkle in your sales.

Person holding brown bag of take-out food

Takeout and Delivery—More Important Than Ever

Discover how to put more emphasis on takeout and delivery sales. It’s all about menu, packaging, and customer convenience. We put together a list of best practices.

The Well-Traveled Meal

The Well-Traveled Meal

Answer customer demand for covenient options with carryout and delivery.