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Trends and Insights

As our industry changes, adapting is essential. Check back often for new insights, data, and trends.
Vegan burger and tacos with drinks photographed overhead

Get Ready for Veganuary 2021

This annual pledge to follow a vegan diet for the month of January spotlights growing consumer interest in plant-based eating. Find out more about the trend and learn how to create exciting meatless menu options for January and beyond.

Plant based Burger

Cash In on Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

Plant-based meat alternatives have come a long way from veggie burgers. The new choices offer satisfying flavor on par with the real thing. Read about the future of this trend, here.

Platter of vegan appetizers

Vegan Cuisine Soaring in Popularity

Plant-based foods are hugely popular. Get ahead of the wave and feature vegan dishes—no animal products whatsoever. Its trend line is up 97% in the past four years!

Vegetable-centric kebabs on an outdoor grill

Add Craveability to Plant-Based Cooking

Produce-based cooking is fast gaining popularity. Get in on the trend, and find new ways to deliver extra flavor and craveability from plant-based recipes. 

Raw bowl with grains and legumes

Adapt to Today’s Demand for Plant-Based and Flexitarian Menus

Patrons are consuming more fruits and vegetables—but haven’t abandoned meat. They’re called “flexitarians.” Learn how to appeal to this taste trend with craveable, delicious menu items that focus on plant-forward foods.

“Sandwich” Doesn’t Always Mean Meat

Meatless sandwiches always appeal. Grilled Cheese is an obvious example. But patrons are asking for other options like avocado, falafel, and soy steak.

Bowled Over by Flavor

Bowled Over by Flavor

Fresh and global flavors in bowl-based cuisines


Clean and Green

Juices and fruit-flavored beverages go all-natural.

Pan of black beans, sweet potatoes, and broccoli

Vegetarian, Flexitarian, Vegan. Plant-Oriented Diets Are Growing

Hard-to-please Millennials and others are embracing plant-based diets. Learn why the trend fits into the pattern of sustainability, clean-eating, freshness, and global flavors. And how it fits your operation.

Go All-In on Whole Grains for Healthy Profits

Bowl of pearl barley salad with vegetables
Go All-In on Whole Grains for Healthy Profits

Whole grains are having their day in the sun. Guests are asking for more whole grain pasta, bread, and grain bowls. Learn new ideas for healthful, tasty, whole grain dishes.

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