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Stouffer's white cheddar mac being poured into a tray pan

Switch to see why There’s Only One Stouffer’s

Buy one case, get a second case free—up to 10 free cases! 

Qualifying operators will receive the cash equivalent of one case for every two qualifying cases of Stouffer’s Pouch products purchased between 10/15/23– 4/30/24. Rebate limited to 10 free cases.

Premium visual appeal, scratch-made taste, superior holding times, and the very best ingredients make it easy to see why Stouffer’s is the #1 recommended brand in the category. Make the switch and experience quality and consistency that’s only from Stouffer’s.

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There's Only One Stouffer’s Rebate Request Instructions

  1. Purchase any qualifying Stouffer’s pouch product between Oct 15, 2023, and April 30, 2024. Deadline for submission is June 1, 2024. 
  2. Visit, and either set up an account or log in. Next, click on the Stouffer’s Pouch Rebate tile.
  3. Submit image/photo of comparable competitive manufacturer product that you are switching from to purchase Stouffer’s.
  4. Submit invoice of Stouffer’s pouch products. All invoices must be dated within the duration of the promotion, and include Distributor Name, Distributor Location, Pricing, Size, Amount Purchase, and Invoice Date. 
  5. Receive rebate (Visa gift card) for up to 10 cases of qualifying Stouffer’s products purchased.