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Plate of spiralized vegetables made from carrot, zucchini, and beetroot

Remaking Menus for Nutrition, Health and Wellness

Nutrition, Health and Wellness (NHW) is a mega trend. Learn how substituting some ingredients can up the healthful quality of your recipes while maintaining taste.

Gluten Free for Dining Halls

The United States has roughly 5,600 universities, serving an average of 1,000 meals per day, per school. In today’s competitive landscape, colleges and universities are using dining halls and food offerings as a point of difference, rather than a point of necessity, to attract potential students.

Gluten Free for Restaurants

Today, 16% of US consumers are actively seeking to limit gluten, a protein naturally occurring in wheat, barley, and rye, from their diets. Although there is little scientific evidence to support people without Celiac disease eliminating gluten, many consumers associate this diet with a healthy lifestyle—some people even claim to feel better when limiting their gluten intake.

Spoon of dessert

Nutripro Portion Awareness - Redesigning Desserts

Tips for making dessert a permissible indulgence.

Food on white surface

Nutripro Portion Awareness - On the Plate

The 10 essential tips for Plating:


Nutripro Portion Awareness - On the Buffet

8 Tips on the Line

Nutripro: Portion Awareness Magazine Cover and Interior

Nutripro: Portion Awareness

Chefs play an important role in patron health. One way is portion control. Learn the latest trends that reduce portion size and calories while maintaining taste and eye appeal.

Measure of rock salt in spoon

6 Tips to Reduce Sodium, Not Taste

Health authorities recommend using less salt. But how do you do that without changing the flavor of your dishes? We have some helpful tips.

Gluten Free for Healthcare

Gluten, a protein naturally occurring in wheat, barley, and rye, has been causing quite the stir in the food industry in recent years. In fact, gluten free mentions have grown 1,981% on restaurant menus over the past decade. Gluten free as a descriptor has grown faster on menus than all-natural, organic, and local sourcing.

Scoop of nuts on wooden board

Nuts, Seeds, and Grains Add Menu Inspiration—and Value

A handful of nuts, seeds, or grains adds a huge measure of texture and protein. See how they add interest to a wide range of dishes, some you didn’t expect.

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