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As our industry changes, adapting is essential. Check back often for new insights, data, and trends.
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9 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

With benefits that are both bottom-line and earth-friendly, reducing food scraps and waste is smart business. Here are easy ways to trim the toss.

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Planetpro: Climate Change – How food service can contribute to the solution

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face today.

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Meeting the Appetite for Plant-Based Snacks

It pays to take notice when two foodservice trends intersect and, right now, snacking and plant-forward are holding strong. Play both at once for a big power move.

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Wake Up to Plant-Based Mornings

The plant-forward trend is strong in all dayparts, including breakfast. Wake up to the possibilities of meat and dairy alternatives in the morning. Get details and recipes, here.

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Nestle Professional USA Announces Coolfood Menu Certification in Partnership with World Resources Institute

As consumers increasingly seek out more sustainable meals, foodservice operators have an opportunity to help their customers choose climate-friendly options. In collaboration with the World Resources Institute (WRI), Nestlé Professional USA has become the first Coolfood Meals Ambassador to offer recipes with the Coolfood Meals badge that operators can use to help guide diners’ choices.

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Today’s flexitarian consumers are eating less meat. They’re looking for healthful and delicious options featuring produce, grains, and plant proteins. Use the recipe inspirations below to develop your own signature plant-forward dishes that “wow” guests and keep them coming back.

Check Out These New Blended Beverage Ideas

Blended beverages range from classic juice-based smoothies to frozen blended coffee and beyond. Find out some of the top trends in this ever-popular drink category.

Blend Global Flavors Into Plant-Based Cooking

Enhance your plant-based offerings with flavor cues from India, Asia, Mexico, and the Mediterranean. Your patrons will love a touch of global interest.

Planetpro: No Time to Waste—More From Every Ingredient

Generations of cooks have learned to squeeze every ounce of goodness from their ingredients. And many time-honored techniques are also effective ways to cut down on kitchen waste.

Sustainable takeout packaging

The Search for More Sustainable Takeout Packaging

After the explosion of takeout and delivery over the past 18 months, a review of sustainable packaging habits for off-premise is now in order.

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Six Tips for Introducing Plant-Based Dairy Products to Your Menu

If you’re adding new foods and beverages to your menu, you want your guests to be excited about them right away. Here are a few ideas to get your new offerings off to a successful start.

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What Goes Into the Perfect Plant-Based Beverage?

When plants are the key ingredient, they may need a little help to perform up to your standards. That's why many plant-based products include ingredients to enhance the flavor, mouthfeel, consistency, or other factors that you expect—and that your customers demand.

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