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Trends and Insights

As our industry changes, adapting is essential. Check back often for new insights, data, and trends.
The Culture of Coffee Nutripro Magazine Cover and Interior

Nutripro: The Culture of Coffee

From morning to night, summer to winter, people love their coffee—to the tune of 1.6 billion cups a day. This issue of Nutripro will help you make the most of one of the most requested items on the menu.

Wellness-focused action station with naan and hummus

NHW Trend Grows. Take Advantage of It.

Increasingly, eating well means adopting a NHW (Nutrition, Health, and Wellness) attitude. Discover easy ways to keep taste and healthfulness in balance.

Plate of Pear, Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza featuring Stouffer’s Gluten Free products

Cater to Customers’ Allergy Concerns with Stouffer’s Gluten Free Products to the Deli Menu

To assist operators menuing allergen-friendly items, Stouffer’s® has created a line of gluten free products consisting of sauces, dips, and sides.

Table setting and menu with tomato and greens

Stealth Health: Sneak Nutrition Into Your Menu

"Stealth Health" is all about cooking with less salt and fat, but without making it seem like you've deleted the yum factor from your menu. Learn how restaurateurs are reformulating recipes to be healthier while still attracting customers with great taste, and tempting menu options.

Bowl of salt poured onto blue surface

Smart Strategies for Reducing Sodium

Americans like salt—but they also want healthier food. Learn how you can keep the flavors they love while reducing the amount of sodium in your recipes. It could be as easy as adjusting the acid balance. Learn seven top tips, plus get links to great new reduced-sodium recipes here.

Dessert items on blue table setting

Nutripro: Finding Your Customers’ Sweet Spot

Your customers come to you with varied tastes, backgrounds, dietary needs—and sometimes, a craving for something sweet. How do you satisfy them all? Offer up a menu they can’t resist.

Crumbled chocolate pieces on a textured surface

Nutripro: The Biological Basis of Cravings

Food is both fuel for the body and an important part of world cultures. Learn what researchers have discovered about food cravings, as well as why food is central to human cultural interaction.

Dictionary page showing allergy definition

Modifying Menus for Allergy and Gluten Issues

Awareness of food allergies and intolerance issues is increasing. What should you do to accommodate these health issues? We have some suggestions for what you can do to meet these needs.

Woman eating a salad

Learn How to Use Nutrition to Build Business

There’s no doubt that Wellness and Nutrition are trending. Learn how portion size, presentation, and calorie counts can help you achieve balance on your menus and your spreadsheet.


Go Gluten Free for Extra Profits

Gluten free menu items have rocketed by 200% since 2010. Get aboard fast to profit from the health-conscious trend. We have info and recipes to get you started.

Bowl of kale salad

11 Ways to Profit From the Healthier Eating Trend

Adding “superfoods” and other Nutrition, Health & Wellness favorites are a recipe for increased profits. Patrons are looking to eat healthy, even away from home. Here’s how to deliver what they want.

Bowl of chicken soup with vegetables

10 Easy, Healthy Menu Hacks

There’s no doubt that health and wellness trends are here to stay in food service. Tweak your menu to make it lighter and healthier. It’s easy with these 10 tips.

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